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Industrial and Systems Engineering (Doctoral Program) 2021/2022



Academic degree:
  • Doctorate
6 curricular semesters
Azurém Campus, Guimarães (UM)
Main Scientific area:
  • Production and Systems


    School of Engineering
    Campus de Azurém
    4800-058 Guimarães

    Tel: +351 253510179 / 253510160 Fax: +351 253510178


PDEIS is linked to the scientific areas of: Industrial Management and Systems, Economic Engineering, Human Engineering, Optimization and Operational Research, and Numerical and Statistical Methods.
PDEIS should provide students with the following skills profile:
- broad culture and critical spirit in the area of ??industrial and systems engineering;
- advanced knowledge in the scientific area that fits your work topic;
- ability to respond to complex challenges in research and industry, conducting and executing the necessary activities autonomously (either individually or as a team);
- leadership ability of multidisciplinary teams;
- multidisciplinary approach to industrial and systems engineering problems, framing them in the respective technical-scientific, economic, social and environmental contexts;
- ability to communicate results and ongoing activities with scientific rigor to scientific, technical and/or general audiences.

Key learning outcomes

1. Train a new generation of specialists and researchers capable of, in a systemic way, devising innovative solutions, from / to integrated systems of products with high added value and / or that allow their positions in the major international value chains to rise .
2. Create highly qualified and specialized human resources that contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of the products and services industry. It is intended to provide the development of advanced scientific skills associated with the design, modeling and management of complex engineering systems.
3. Promote in PhD students the ability to develop research independently or in teams that result in new knowledge with relevant original results not only in the scientific domain, with high potential for publication in specialized journals of high merit, but also for the industrial community and central decision-makers.
4. Develop the student's critical analysis skills to identify complex problems and define innovative strategies to respond in the field of industrial and systems engineering, considering the economic, environmental and social relevance of engineering problems.
5. Provide students with skills adjusted to integration into the labor market, whether academic, business or public.

Access to higher education

The conclusion of this Doctoral degree allows the realization of research activity at post-doctoral level


PDEIS guarantees the training of specialists in Industrial and Systems Engineering, with great capacity to solve complex and innovative problems, which lack multidisciplinary approaches. A professional doctorate by PDEIS can perform functions in all types of organizations, standing out as the main professional opportunities:
- the university teaching career;
- the career of a university researcher or in independent laboratories;
- companies in the industrial and service sectors;
- State bodies.






Access forms

Access to this cycle of studies requires an application to the Academic Portal of the University of Minho:

This information does not replace enquiry of the Academic Regulations of the University of Minho and other official documents.

Entry requirements

Applicants are requested to hold a master degree in Engineering or any legal equivalent degree (national or international). A graduation (in Portuguese “Licenciatura”) in Engineering may be allowed as long as the applicant curriculum proves to have enough professional or scientific capacity to complete the doctoral program. A graduation in other scientific areas is also allowed, provided that the applicants’ curriculum shows enough and appropriate scientific background.

Aditional Information

Study Plan

Regime Curricular Unit Scientific Area ECTS
Year 1 30
S1 Engineering Research Methods ENG 5
S1 Thesis Project on Industrial Engineering and Systems EIS 25
Year 1 2 3 150
TA Thesis EIS 150


A3ES Accreditation status:
Resolution publication date:
Registry number at Ministry:
R/A-Ef 2397/2011/AL02
Registry Date:
Accreditation validity:

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  • Largo do Paço
    4704-553 Braga
  • T.:253 601 100, 253 601 109
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