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 Event detail


NIPE Brown Bag Seminar

nipe brown bag
7/19/2017 - 6/7/2017
EEG | Room 1.25, 13h15
The Economic Policies Research Unit (NIPE) from the School of Economics and Management of the University of Minho is organizing the NIPE Brown Bag Seminar series. These sessions (save for some exceptions) are held on Wednesdays at 13h15 in the Executivos Room at the School of Economics and Management, in Braga. These seminars are organized by Professors Cristina Amado and Natália Pimenta Monteiro.


June 7th 2017
Francesca Rotondo (L'Università degli Studi di Napoli L'Orientale)
The exit effect on the European Political Participation. An interpretation of Albert O. Hirschman's work

May 24th 2017
Elena Sochirca
Measuring political rivalry and estimating its effect on economic growth

May 10th 2017
Rasha Abadi (NIPE - University of Minho)
Common Risk Factors in Stock Returns in The MENA Region

April 12th 2017
Francisco Veiga (University of Minho - NIPE)
Term limits and voter turnout

March 15th 2017

Rihab Sawaya (University of Minho)
Economic Voting in Post War Lebanese Parliamentary Elections

March 1st 2017
Andreia Amorim (NIPE - University of Minho)
February 15th 2017
Guillermo Badía Fraile (University of Zaragoza)
Possibilities of SRI retail investors to obtain extra performance

February 1st 2017
Joana Pena (University of Minho)
Social screening and mutual fund performance: international evidence

December 14th 2016
Margarita Carvalho (NIPE - University of Minho)
Financialization, corporate governance and employee pay: a firm level analysis (with João Cerejeira)

November 30th 2016
Gilberto Loureiro (NIPE - University of Minho)
The Decreasing Returns of Serial Acquirers around the World

November 23rd 2016
Odd Rune Straume (NIPE - University of Minho)
Competition and physician behaviour: Does the competitive environment affect the propensity to issue sick notes?

October 26th 2016
Maria João Thompson (NIPE - University of Minho)
Social Capital, Innovation and Economic Growth

October 19th 2016
Miguel Portela (NIPE - University of Minho)
Education spillovers in Portugal

September 14th 2016
Rita Sousa (NIPE - University of Minho)
Energy Outlook for NDC Implementation In Small Island Developing States – The Case of São Tomé and Príncipe

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