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Researchers Alexandra Marques and Ana Rita Duarte, from 3B's, receive ERC grants

Alexandra Marques
Ana Rita Duarte
O edifício do Grupo 3B's situa-se no AvePark, em Caldas das Taipas, Guimarães
Tuesday, 12/13/2016
AvePark, Caldas das Taipas, Guimarães
Alexandra Marques and Ana Rita Duarte will count on two million euros each in the next five years to create 3D skin models and study new generation solvents, respectively.
Two University of Minho researchers were awarded grants worth nearly € 2 million each. Alexandra Marques, Vice-Director and main researcher of the 3B’s research group, was awarded a € 1.99 million Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council. The goal of her research is to create 3D skin models, which will be used to develop new drugs for rare and incurable skin diseases.

Among the winning Portuguese projects is Ana Rita Duarte’s “green engineering” project. The University of Minho’s team led by her was also awarded a € 1.87 million Consolidator Grant to study “green solvents”. This research project aims to reduce the impact of chemical compounds in industrial processes.These “natural deep eutectic solvents” are obtained from naturally existing molecules, such as sugars and amino-acids. Despite these elements being solid at room temperature, they become liquid when combined in specific proportions.