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PortugaliNews Online | 19.06.2020

UMinho researcher will have her surname associated with a virus

The appointment of Joana Azeredo as "godmother" of the virus has now been announced by the chairman of the Subcommittee on Bacteria and Archies Viruses of the

portugalscienceUMinho researcher will have her surname associated with a virus

patricia pilar

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ECO News Online | 16.03.2020

European Union and Democracy must deliver

A group of economists signs a manifesto, an open letter to the political and economic authorities of Portugal and the European Union.

The world is living an extreme event that threatens the health and the economic wellbeing of the entire population. Large portions of people in some regions
The New York Times | 3.11.2018

In a Land of Quakes, Engineering a Future for a Church Made of Mud

In Kuño Tambo, perched at 13,000 feet in Peru’s Andes Mountains, the mud-brick walls of the Church of Santiago Apóstol, built by the Spanish in 1681, have weathered their fair share of earthquakes.

But after more than three centuries of shaking, the church began the
Expresso Online | 29.03.2018

Rui L. Reis honoured with Unesco Award

Rui L. Reis, director of the Institute of Research on Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics’s (I3Bs)3b’s Group and the University of Minho’s vice-rector for Research and Innovation will be honoured with another important distinction on Friday, worth €85 thousand. The Unesco
Diário de Notícias | 21.03.2018

Four female Portuguese scientists awarded €15 thousand each to fund their research

Carina Cruncho, a researcher with the IST in Lisbon, is going to develop intelligent nanoparticles to lead antibiotics straight to the bacteria they target. Margarida Fernandes, a University of Minho post-doc grant holder, is creating a new material that stimulates bone tissue growth; Dulce Oliveira,