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 UMinho Editora Publisher

UMinho Editora is an institutional project, coordinated by the Rectorate and operated by the University Documentation Services. It aims to publish in digital and/or paper formats, providing higher educational students, teachers and researchers, as well as the general public, with texts of high scientific and pedagogic quality and works of scientific, artistic and cultural dissemination, contributing to promoting the development of teaching and research and strengthening the prestige and image of the University of Minho at a national and international level.

UMinho Editora offers different services to the University, in addition to the publication of academic books, such as its journal hosting service, the attribution of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI), support and consultancy to journal managers in their editorial process and in indexing and integration in international aggregators and databases, and even training in editorial management software.

UMinho Editora Publisher.

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