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​​The University of Minho Agency for Energy and Environment (AUMEA) promotes and disseminates the goals and actions established in the "University of Minho Energy Programme" (PE​UM) . 

The University of Minho's strategy for these fields is established in these documents, which were chosen as crucial and a prioritary.

The University of Minho has several skills in these fields, particularly on what concerns energetic efficiency, renewable energies and the environment. These can be seen in the university's various research, education and training projects.

UM has the  know-how, ​the competence, the knowledge and the instruments to specify, project and implement the environmental improvements for energetic efficiency in its campi. The process is just starting, under the responsibility of AUMEA.

AUMEA also has the ambitious responsibility to promote the integration of these competences and skills, so that, according to the PEUM and the PCM-E, the University of Minho may become an institution of reference in these fields, able to actively participate in the choices and the implementation of solutions for energy and environmental issues, both on a national and on a global level, including R&D, innovation, and the specification of energetic policies on an national level.