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 Ethics commission


​The University of Minho Ethics Commission (CEUM) was created by the Rector's Order RT-51/2011, September 7th. Its goal is to promote and contribute to the thought and definition of guidelines aimed at the consolidation of a safeguard policy for ethical and deontological principals in research, teaching and interaction with society, within the general functioning of the University. CEUM's specific competences are to prepare proposals, recommendations and reports concerning: ethical issues, namely those related to academic fraud; plagiarism and copyright; respect for informed consent; protection of privacy and personal data; application of professional deontological codes; all activities involving, in any shape or form, people, animals or biological material of human or animal origin; application of national and international declarations and guidelines concerning ethics and bioethics.

CEUM fulfils its role based on respect for human dignity and its promotion, framed within the principles defined in the 3rd Article of the UMinho Statutes.
The Commission may work in both plenary meetings or in specific sub commissions, observing the Orientation Guidelines of CEUM.
Currently, CEUM has two ethical subcommittees: the Subcommittee of Ethics for Life and Health Sciences (SECVS) and the Subcommittee of Ethics for Social and Human Sciences (SECSH).​