​​The Quality Manual​ is a formal document that describes the global conception of the institutional quality policy and how it is put forward within an Internal Quality Assurance System (SIGAQ-UM).

Namely, the Manual approaches and develops the following aspects, aligned with European standards for quality assurance and legal applicable dispositions:
the general guidelines of the institutional strategy for quality;
  • The SIGAQ-UM organisation: its scope and goals, strategic and operational coordination structures; levels of responsibility in the specific field of quality;
  • The monitoring, assessment and intervention methodologies, aimed at continuous improvement, differentiated on the grounds of the institutional mission elements - teaching and learning, research and development, interaction with society - and the cross-cutting areas of human resources and services;
  • The SIGAQ-UM interface with the institution's strategic management;
  • The production and dissemination of information, concerning the collection and processing of information, as well as the publication of relevant information to external partners.
Faced with the complexity of the teaching and learning processes, the Manual specifies in detail the strategy and mechanisms for assessment and teaching improvement.
The Manual also includes the identification of a series of selected indicators, which will become, in time, an Institutional Progress Chart, to allow for a dynamic reading of the University's development.​