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Differentiated Units

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 Differentiated units


Lúcio Craveiro da Silva Library

This unit, as a result of a partnership with the municipality of Braga, is endowed with administrative and financial autonomy, and ruled by its own statues. It pursues not only the aim to inform and to provide training, but also to enhance and care for the university’s bibliographic and documentary heritage. The Library is part of the National Network of Public Reading, and all works published in Portugal since 1975 can be consulted there.

Casa de Sarmento

Centro de Estudos do Património

Casa de Sarmento is a unit of the University of Minho, founded in 2017, supported by a protocol that the University celebrated with the Municipality of Guimarães and the Martins Sarmento Society (SMS). Its main mission is to strengthen the links between the University and the community, as well as to support the development of the scientific and cultural mission of SMS.
The treatment, cataloging, digitization and dissemination of the bibliographic, documentary and museum collections of the Martins Sarmento Society is a major purpose of Casa de Sarmento. Casa de Sarmento allows researchers and the general public to have privileged access to a heritage of priceless cultural value and high scientific potential.

Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute works in partnership with the Hanban (National Office for the Dissemination of the Chinese Language in the World), and with the Nankai University, in Tianjin. It has administrative and financial autonomy, and is governed by its own bylaws. Its main goal is the development and deepening of Chinese studies.