​1- It is the generic competence of the Cultural Council to issue reports concerning the university's cultural policy, ensuring its connection with the community, and promoting the coordination of the cultural units' activities.

2- It is the responsibility of the Cultural Council to: ​​
a) Issue an opinion on the general framework for the university, on what concerns culture; 
b) Issue an opinion on the creation, transformation and termination of cultural units; 
c) Promote the interconnection between the university’s programmes and cultura​l initiatives with programmes developed by other institutions or public and private organisations; 
d) Submit the cultural units’ activity plans to the Rector; 
e) Submit the cultural units’ management model to the Rector; 
j) Suggest names of the cultural units’ directors to the Rector; 
g) Promote the coordination and cooperation between the cultural units;  
h) Draw up and approve the internal statutes and submit them to the Rector; 
i) Issue opinion concerning several matters pertaining to culture, as per request of the governance or consulting bodies of the university, as well as by the unit bodies; 
j) Promote the initiatives undertaken by the Cultural Council, as well as those conducted by the cultural units.​