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Welcome message from the rector

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 Welcome message from the rector

​Welcome to the University of Minho, and welcome to this portal. We wish it to be a welcoming open door to enter the University of Minho and to get to know its campi and its various infrastructures devoted to culture, science and technology. We welcome you to the places of knowledge and education this institution has to offer, in its diverse forms and contexts.

Since its foundation in 1973, the University has been the main player in an innovative project on many levels: a pedagogical and organisational project which is devoted to research and social intervention. In its totality, this University includes about 19.000 students in different cycles of studies, over 1100 PhD holders within a teaching and researching staff of the highest competence, and a technical and administrative structure with qualified human resources. What the University has to offer and the merits of its research centres have earned international prestige. This institution is also proud of the interaction it has with diverse social agents, namely within the economic, productive and social fabric of society.

The University's campi, as well as several of its main infrastructures, are located in Braga and Guimarães. These Portuguese cities are based in the extremely rich historical heritage of the peninsular peoples and of the very foundation of Portuguese nationality and have been able to embrace the challenges of knowledge and of modern times. Thus, Braga and Guimarães are points of reference for the identity of the region of Minho, an identity that the University takes on with pride, and from where it opens itself to the world as a multicultural and multilingual space.

It is from this reality and these surroundings that the University of Minho - this great project of knowledge - is built. Our work is never finished, and we call on the entire academia to be a part of it; we also call upon its alumni and all of those who take the role of knowledge-makers upon themselves and to those who want to build a model of development based on ethics and creativity.

Therefore, I would like to give a call to each and every​one:

come build this project with us.

The Rector,

António M. Cunha