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The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) developed by the European Commission, with the goal of establishing common procedures to ensure academic recognition of foreign study periods.
The ECTS ​is a student-centered system, based on the volume of work the student needs to accomplish to reach the goals established by each programme/unit. These goals are ideally specified in learning results to be achieved and competences to be acquired.

From the beginning, the University of Minho (UMinho) recognized the importante of ECTS. In 2004, the university had its ECTS Label application approved, integrating the first group of 11 institutions to receive this important seal of quality. The ECTS Label was successfully renewed in 2009 and 2013.  
At UMinho, the ECTS is of compulsory use in all student mobility activites, and has been widened to cooperation with third countries.
With the ECTS Information, UMinho aims to provide cooperating universities, as well as to its current and future students, relevant institutional information concerning its courses and generic practical information. With this, the University of Minho intends to promote the necessary transparency to the organisation of any study period, as well as to support students who choose UMinho as an institution of origin or as a host institution.

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