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Physics (Bachelor) 2023/2024



Academic degree:
  • Bachelor (Bologna 1st cycle degree)
6 curricular semesters
Gualtar Campus, Braga (UM)
Main Scientific area:
  • Physics


    School of Sciences
    Campus de Gualtar
    4710 - 057 Braga

    Tel: +351 253604390 Fax: +351 253604398






Access forms

The access to this Cycle of Studies can be done through the following ways:
- Application for National Access to Higher Education Admissions;
- Application for Special Access to Higher Education Admissions;
- Application for Local Access to Higher Education Admissions;
- Application for Special Access to Higher Education Admissions;
- Application for Access to Higher Education Admissions through Re-Entry, Change and Transfer of Course.

Entry requirements

Entrance Testing

19 Mathematics
07 Physics and Chemistry
19 Mathematics
02 Biology and Geology
19 Mathematics

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Aditional Information

Testimonials from (ex)students

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Study Plan

Regime Curricular Unit Scientific Area ECTS
Year 1 60
S1 Calculus for Sciences M 6
S1 General Chemistry QUI 6
S1 Introduction to Experimental Physics Fis 6
S1 Introduction to Modern Physics Fis 6
S1 Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry for Sciences M 6
S2 Complements of Calculus and Analytical Geometry M 6
S2 Laboratory of Modern Physics Fis 6
S2 Languages for Numeric Computation I 6
S2 Newtonian Mechanics Fis 6
S2 Vectorial Calculus M 6
Year 2 60
S1 Analytical Mechanics and Waves Fis 6
S1 Complex and Fourier Analysis M 6
S1 Electromagnetism Fis 6
S1 Newtonian Mechanics Laboratory Fis 6
S1 Physics of Continuous Media Fis 6
S2 Laboratory of Electromagnetism and Optics Fis 6
S2 Laboratory of Thermodynamics Fis 6
S2 Optics Fis 6
S2 Quantum Physics I Fis 6
S2 Thermodinamics and Statistical Physics Fis 6
Year 3 60
S1 Complements of Electromagnetism Fis 6
S1 Computational Physics Fis 6
S1 Electronics and Instrumentation in Physics Fis 6
S1 Quantum Physics II Fis 6
S1 Opção UMinho 6
A Philosophical Introduction to Behavioural Economics and Nudge Theory 6
Academic English LINGL 6
Bilingualism Psi 6
Digital Citizenship TSI 6
Education, Citizenship and Human Rights ED 6
Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability CS; EG; ENG; Cie 6
Full Democracy, Responsibility and Rule of Law D 6
Introduction to the Russian Language and Culture ELG 6
Islam and Arab World CPRI 6
Labour Law D 6
Mathematics Behind Things M 6
Photographic Literacy from Physics to Message Fis 6
Sport and Health EF 6
Substances that Changed the World QUI 6
Themes in Equality and Non-Discrimination Law D 6
Topics in Astronomy and Cosmology Fis 6
S2 Atomic Physics Fis 6
S2 Condensed Matter Physics Fis 6
S2 Physics of the Nucleous and Particles Fis 6
S2 Research Project in Physics Fis 12


A3ES Accreditation status:
Resolution publication date:
Registry number at Ministry:
R/A-Cr 41/2015/AL01
Registry Date:
Accreditation validity:

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  • Largo do Paço
    4704-553 Braga
  • T.:253 601 100, 253 601 109
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