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Intervenção urbana “As paragens onde o tempo habita” .

From Tuesday, 29.12.2020 to Friday, 30.04.2021
From the work developed by the students of the B.A. in Visual Arts - LAV, the B.A. in Product Design - LDP and the Integrated Master's Degree in Architecture - MIARQ, and having into consideration the specificities of Bairro de Couros (Bairro C), the designer Rui Dário developed a set of graphic compositions / mixtures of the work of our students and applied in 17 bus shelters located in the centre of the city of Guimarães.

These artistic installations will be available, until the end of April, in the city of Guimarães.

Aggregation tests in Architecture by Maria Manuel Oliveira

From Tuesday, 13.04.2021 to Wednesday, 14.04.2021
Those interested can assist the live broadcast through the link

On April 13 April, Tuesday, the academic, professional, scientific and pedagogical curriculum will be analyzed, as well as the report of the curricular unit “Atelier History and Uchronia”. On April 14, Maria Manuel Oliveira will deliver a lesson entitled "Under the sky of Brasília: Lucio Costa and the invention of the ground".

The jury is composed by Professors Paulo Jorge de Sousa Cruz (EAUM / University of Minho),
José António Oliveira Bandeirinha (DArq/FCT/Universidade de Coimbra), Jorge da Cruz Pinto (FAUL/Universidade de Lisboa), Ana dos Santos Tostões (IST/ Universidade de Lisboa), Rui Garcia Ramos (FAUP/Universidade do Porto), and Paulo Tormenta Pinto (ISCTE/ Instituto Universitário de Lisboa).

Maria Manuel Oliveira
completed her Architecture degree at the School of Fine Arts of Porto (1985). She is a researcher at Lab2PT, and since 1997, a lecturer at the School of Architecture of the University of Minho, where she has been teaching and conducting work on architectural and urban design at the School’s Studies Centre. During her career, she has practised as an architect, worked in public institutions in the area of urban planning, and lectured at the University of Angola and the University of Porto. She has developed studies and published in the areas of urban landscape design and intervention in architectural heritage. Currently she is involved in research into the rehabilitation of deteriorating spaces and buildings, which are critical for the construction of urban collective memory.

Seminar with Cristina Tealdi (Heriot-Watt University)

From Wednesday, 14.04.2021 to Wednesday, 14.04.2021
We aim to identify winners and losers of a sudden inflow of low-skilled immigrants using a general equilibrium search and matching model in which employees, either native or non- native, are heterogeneous with respect to their skill level and produce different types of goods. We estimate the short-term impact of this shock for Italy in each year in the period 2008-2017 to be sizeable and highly asymmetric. In 2017, the real wages of low-skilled and high-skilled employees were 8% lower and 4% higher, respectively, compared to a counter-factual scenario with no non-natives. Similarly, employers working in the low-skilled market experienced a drop in profits of comparable magnitude, while the opposite happened to employers operating in the high-skilled market. Finally, the presence of non-natives led to a 10% increase in GDP and to an increment of approximately 70 billion e in government revenues and 18 billion e in social security contributions. We argue that these results help rationalise the recent surge of anti-immigrant sentiments among the low-income segment of the Italian population.

Opening of an international competition for Assistant professor - Visual Arts

From Tuesday, 16.03.2021 to Tuesday, 27.04.2021
Further information (deadlines, conditions, etc.) is available at Notice no. 312/2021, published in the Diário da República, 2nd series, no. 51, March 15, 2021, sent in attachment.

Opening of an international competition for Assistant professor - Design

From Friday, 19.03.2021 to Monday, 3.05.2021
Further information (deadlines, conditions, etc.) is available at Notice no. 335/2021, published in the Diário da República, 2nd series, no. 55, March 19, 2021, sent in attachment.