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General Council

 General Council

The General Council is the highest collegial body in the university of governance and strategic decision-making. Its action is bounded to the fulfilment of the mission of the University and the pursuit of public interest. 

It is composed of twelve teacher and researcher representatives, four student representatives, a representative of non-teaching and non-research staff and six external personalities of recognised merit. The president is elected by absolute majority by its external members.​


Maria Joana Raposo Marques Vidal

António Carlos Fernandes Rodrigues

Nuno Miguel Dias Cerca

Professor and Researcher Representatives

Tiago Filipe Silva Miranda
Tiago José Quinteiros Lopes Henriques Silva
Ana João Gomes Rodrigues
Patrícia Espinheira Sá Maciel
Maria Cláudia Gonçalves Cunha Pascoal
António Joaquim Onofre de Abreu Ribeiro Gonçalves
Luís António Martins Santos
Delfina Rosa Rocha Gomes
Joana Rodrigues Arantes Silva
Paulo Alexandre Costa Araújo Sampaio
Isabel Maria Costa Soares
Nuno Miguel Dias Cerca

Student Representatives
Margarida Isaías Ferreira dos Santos
Joana Carolina Santos Fraga
Miguel Afonso Neves Gonçalves da Silva Martins
Ana Isabel Maia Nunes

Non-teaching and Non-researcher Staff Representative

Victor Manuel Sousa Rego Duarte Soares

Co-opted External Members 
António Carlos Rodrigues
Helena Mendes Pereira
Joaquim Castro de Freitas
Manuela Vaz Soares

Maria Elisabete da Silva Duarte Matos

Specialised Commissions

Governance, Institutional and Financial Affairs Commission

Education, Research and Interaction with Society Commission





General Council
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