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Academic Senate

 Academic Senate

​The Academic Senate is the consultative body that ensures the cohesion of the University in carrying out its mission by performing the functions of coordination, foresight and planning in pedagogic and scientific matters beyond the scope of the organic units. The Academic Senate functions in plenary and in specialized committees, namely the scientific committee, the pedagogic committee and the planning committee, in accordance with the provisions of Article 48 of the Statutes.

According to the provisions of article 50 of the Statutes, the Academic Senate Plenary has the following composition: the Rector (who chairs), the chairpersons of the organic units, the heads of the pedagogic councils of the organic units, one representative of each scientific council of a research unit teaching 3rd cycle study cycles, the Chairperson of the Cultural Council, the President of AAUM, the University administrator, the administrator of the Social Welfare Services, one student for each Pedagogic Council of the organic units, one student for each research unit, six representatives of PhD teachers and researchers, six student representatives, and four representatives of the non-teaching and non-researching staff.


Chairperson of the Academic Senate Plenary, the Scientific Committee and the Planning Committee

Rui Manuel Costa Vieira de Castro, Rector

Chairperson of the Pedagogic Committee of the Academic Senate

Filomena Maria Rocha Menezes Oliveira Soares, Vice-rector for Education and Academic Mobility

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