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Disciplinary Council

 Disciplinary Council

The Disciplinary Council is the consultative body for the Rector in the exercise of disciplinary power. It is up to this body to issue an opinion when applying serious penalties, in accordance with the provisions of Article 66 of the Statutes.

Under the provisions of Article 67 of the Statutes, the Disciplinary Council consists of the Rector or a professor designated by him/her, who chairs, two professors or researchers, two students and two representatives of the non-teaching and non-researching staff. The body shall meet whenever convened by the Chairperson. Members cannot abstain.​



Mário João Ferreira Monte, Full Professor at the School of Law

Emanuel Pedro Viana Barbas de Albuquerque, Associate Professor with Aggregation of the School of Psychology
Miguel Ângelo Reis Portela, Associate Professor with Aggregation of the School of Economics and Management
Diogo Martins Rodrigues Farinha, Master’s student in Political Philosophy
João Filipe Andrade Pessoa, Integrated Master’s Degree Student in Mechanical Engineering
José Carlos Salgado Azevedo, Senior Technician in the Social Welfare Service
Mauro Miguel Moutinho Pinto Fernandes, IT Technician in the Information and Communications Systems Services Unit

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