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Cultural Council

 Cultural Council

The Cultural Council is a collegial body, advising the Rector and the General Council on matters concerning the University’s cultural policy, in accordance with the provisions of Article 58 of the Statutes. It is the coordinating body of the Cultural Units of the University of Minho, which was created in 1986 on an experimental level and formally established in the Statutes of the University, in 1989. Its first Chairperson was Professor Lúcio Craveiro da Silva, former Rector of the University.

It promotes coordination and cooperation between the Cultural Units and organises extremely diverse initiatives, providing and stimulating links with the community.

The Cultural Units were created at the University of Minho in a novel manner with regard to Portuguese universities, with the purpose of structuring and giving institutional form to a set of values that, although not belonging to the schools/institutes and research centres, played a role of utmost importance which had to be treated with institutional dignity. These originated with the initial integration within the UMinho of the Public Library and the District Archive, institutions that occupied the building where the Rectorate was located, and which made up the first two Cultural Units.

The Nogueira da Silva Museum arose from a valuable heritage bequest, from which the Centre for Lusíadas Studies also emerged, with the aim of studying and researching Portuguese culture. The urban intervention, research and specialised training projects gave rise to the Archaeology and Adult Education Units. The Monção Museum House resulted from a self-sustained bequest, and its mission is the cultural fostering of Alto Minho.

The Cultural Council emerged as a coordinating body for these Units, with the purpose of promoting cooperation between them. Its internal mission is to advise the Rector on matters related to the University’s cultural policy, and it embodies an important external mission of the University, which is University extension. It is based in the Rectorate building, in Largo do Paço, in Braga, and is responsible for the promotion of the Medieval Hall Gallery, which is located there.



Maria Helena Costa Carvalho Sousa, Full Professor at the Institute of Social Sciences

Heads of cultural units

António Ferreira da Silva e Sousa, Head of the Cultural Unit, Braga District Archive
Maria João Gonçalves Nunes Amante Matos Trigo, Head of the Cultural Unit Braga Public Library
Miguel Jorge Miranda Bandeira Duarte, Head of the Cultural Unit Nogueira da Silva Museum
Luís Fernando Oliveira Fontes, Head of the Cultural Unit the Archaeology Unit
José Viriato Eiras Capela, Head of the Cultural Unit the Monção House-Museum
José Sousa Teixeira, Head of the Cultural Unit Lusíadas Studies Centre
Luís Alfredo Martins Amaral, Head of the House of Knowledge Cultural Unit

Chairpersons of the organic units or their representatives

(to be designated shortly)

Student, appointed by the Rector, after consultation with the Student Association

Marta Ferreira

Up to ten individuals with significant presence in the cultural area, nominated by the Rector after hearing the opinion of the standing committee of the cultural council

Luís Fernandes, GNRation and Semibreve artistic director
Cláudia Leite, Theatro Circo administrator
Isabel Silva, D. Diogo de Sousa museum and Biscainhos museum director
Rui Torrinha, Centro Cultural Vila Flor and Guidance artistic director
Rui Vítor Costa, Muralha association chairperson
Rui Ramos, Bienal de Ilustração de Guimarães director
Nuno Soares, Casa das Artes de Arcos de Valdevez director
Álvaro Santos, Casa das Artes de Famalicão director
Paulo Vieira de Castro, Sociedade Martins Sarmento chairperson
Teresa Andresen, landscape architect and full professor

Gallery of Chairpersons

1986 - 2007

Prof. Lúcio Craveiro da Silva

He was the 1st Chairperson of the Cultural Council, appointed to chair the Council when it was set up on a trial basis in 1986. He was chairperson until August 2007, the date of his death.


2007- 2009

Prof. José Viriato Eiras Capela

In October 2007 he was appointed to chair the Cultural Council, leaving office in October 2009.


2009 - 2014

Prof.ª Ana Gabriela Vilela Pereira Macedo

In December 2009 she was appointed to chair the Cultural Council and left office in January 2014.


2014 - 2019

Prof.ª Maria Eduarda Bicudo Azeredo Keating

She was invested into the post on 17 January 2014 and left office in 2019.


2019 -

Prof.ª Maria Helena Costa Carvalho Sousa

Current Chairperson of the Cultural Council. She was invested into the post on 10 October 2019.



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