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Cultural council

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 Cultural council

 The Cultural Council is the coordinating body for the University of Minho's Cultural Units . It was created, at an experimental level, in 1986. In 1989, it was formally established in the university's statutes. The Cultural Council's first president was the former Rector, Professor Lúcio Craveiro da Silva.
It is a collegial body, which the Rector and the General Council consult with, on matters of the university's cultural policy.
The Cultural Council promotes the coordination and cooperation between the Cultural Units, and organizes various initiatives, in order to stimulate a connection with the local community.
It is based in the Rectorate's Building, at Largo do Paço, in Braga. The Cultural Council manages the Salão Medieval Gallery, also located in those premises.
 Maria Helena Carvalho Costa Sousa is the President of the Cultural Council.


The Cultural Un​its were created within the University of Minho with the purpose of structuring and creating an institutional framework for a series of bodies which, al​though not part of the university's schools and institutes, were playing a part of extreme importance within the university. The Cultural Units originated from the integration of the Public Library and the District Archive in the University of Minho. The two institutions were located in the Rectorate's building, thus becoming the first Cultural Units.
The Nogueira da Silva Museum came into existence due to a valuable patrimony legacy. That was also the case of the Lusíadas Studies Centre, in which Portuguese culture is st​udied and researched. The Archaeology and Adult Education Units originate from the urban intervention, research and specialised training projects.

The House Museum of Monção is the result of a self-sustained legacy, and its mission is to stimulate Alto Minho's culture.
The Cultural Council is the coordinating body for these units, which ensures cooperation between them all. The Cultural Council acts as an advisory board for the Rector on what concerns the university's cultural policy, and embodies the university's mission of extending its academic influence.