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Management Council

 Management Council

The Management Council is the collegial body that conducts the administrative, patrimonial and financial management of the University, as well as the management of its human resources, in accordance with the provisions of Article 45 of the Statutes. Pursuant to the provisions of Article 46 of the Statutes, the body is appointed and chaired by the Rector, and is composed of five members, and must include a vice-rector and the administrator.

At the Rector’s invitation, other members of the Rector’s team, heads of units, students or other members of the academic community may participate in meetings, without the right to vote, whenever the matters involved warrant this.



Rui Manuel Costa Vieira de Castro, Rector

Eugénio Manuel Faria Campos Ferreira, Vice-rector for Researching and Inovation

Luís Alfredo Martins do Amaral, Vice-rector for Organizational Transformation and Administrative Simplification

Joana Maria Madeira de Aguiar e Silva, Vice-rector for Culture and Territory

José Eduardo Martins Ferreira, Administrator

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