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UMinho awards Scientific Prize of Merit to António Vicente

António Vicente
António Vicente
Marcador - nota biográfica
Wednesday, 2/17/2021
Reitoria, Lg. Paço, Braga
António Vicente
During its 47th Anniversary Ceremony, the University of Minho presented the Scientific Merit Award 2021 to António Vicente, researcher at the Centre of Biological Engineering as well as professor and vice-president of the School of Engineering. This distinction is awarded annually to a professor of the University of Minho for outstanding research activity.

"It is comforting to see the institution I have worked for, for so many years and where I began my professional career, acknowledge my work. In fact, it is a recognition extended to all the people who worked with me as well as to my family, without whose support it would not have been possible," said the laureate researcher.

António Vicente was born in Porto 49 years ago. He gained his doctorate in Chemical and Biological Engineering in 1998 and his aggregation in 2010 from UMinho. He is an international reference in AgroFood sciences, with innovations in eco-packaging, functional and bioactive compounds and nanosystems for food. He won the "Food and Nutrition Award" in 2015 and 2017 in the research category. He has been a member of the Jury of the National Agriculture Award since its creation in 2012.

He is also deputy coordinator of the Specialization Committee in Food Engineering of the Order of Engineers, member of the International Society of Food Engineering and the Institute of Food Technologists (USA) and is on the board of the "Journal of Food Engineering" and "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry". He has over 400 conference presentations, 300 papers in international journals, 30 book chapters, and five patents and is the editor of five scientific books. He is among the 6000 most cited scientists in the world for Clarivate Analitics, with more than 13,000 citations and 120,000 readings on Research Gate.

Thirteen scientists distinguished

The Scientific Merit Award has already been attributed to 13 professors of UMinho. It was launched in 2009, and has since then distinguished the work of Nuno Peres (School of Sciences), Rui L. Reis (School of Engineering, today in I3B's), Carlos Mendes de Sousa (Institute of Arts and Human Sciences), Odd Rune Straume (School of Economics and Management), Nuno Sousa (School of Medicine), Armando Machado (School of Psychology), José António Teixeira (School of Engineering), Moisés de Lemos Martins (Institute of Social Sciences), Paulo Lourenço (School of Engineering), José González-Méijome (School of Sciences) and Leandro Almeida (Institute of Education) and Patrícia Jerónimo (School of Law), besides António Vicente.