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Announcement: The University of Minho expresses its utmost solidarity with the People and Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine

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Monday, 2/28/2022
The University of Minho publicly expresses its full support to our Ukrainian students and workers, in a moment when their country is the victim of a military aggression that puts at stake its sovereignty and its right to live in freedom and peace, representing also a serious violation of the international law.

The University of Minho testifies its friendship and solidarity to the academic communities of Ukraine and our willingness to support Ukrainian universities in everything that may be requested of us.

On this occasion, UMinho also expresses its support to the people of Ukraine, deeply regretting the lives lost and all the suffering that the country is going through.

In a tumultuous world such as ours, universities have an essential role in promoting international collaboration and understanding of others, within the framework of the diversity that characterises contemporary societies.

We are confident that European values will prevail. The rule of law and human rights are essential factors in the construction of a better future for citizens and nations. Therefore, the University of Minho appeals to everyone to assume, permanently, the defence of these values.

Finally, we wish to express our solidarity with those academic communities in Russia that speak out against the invasion, courageously continuing to dedicate themselves to peace, dialogue and open cooperation.

The Rector of the University of Minho
Rui Vieira de Castro
28th February 2022
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