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Diário de Notícias | 27.03.2017

Portuguese higher education institutions granted € 500 million in research funds

National and international consortiums are making it possible for Portuguese higher education institutions to have access to research funds that were inaccessible only half a dozen years ago. The funding comes mostly from the European programme Horizon 2020. In a statement given to the newspaper Diário
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SIC | Primeiro Jornal | 16.06.2017

Braga and the University of Minho

Braga may be one of the oldest cities in Portugal with over 2.000 years of history but it is also one of the youngest cities in Europe and the happiest in Portugal. The creation of the University of Minho in 1974 may have

SIC | Primeiro Jornal | 16.06.2017

Bosch in Braga

Almost 30 years ago Bosch chose Braga to set up a car stereo factory. Currently the company develops and exports products to nearly all of the automobile industry brands.

Dinheiro Vivo | 12.06.2017

€1 million for Braga start-ups

Startup Braga, in association with SBS Capital Fund, has € 1 million set up to invest in start-ups that make up the Startup Braga universe. The goal is to fund pre-seed stage start-ups from € 25.000 up to € 75.000 thousand in the fields of digital economy and medical technologies.

Jornal de Notícias | 1.06.2017

Fully Paid Tuition Fees for Top Students

“You don’t need to study all the time. You just need to study until you understand the topic.” This is the advice of 27-year old Carlos Fitas. He graduated with a Mathematics degree with an 18.92 average (out of 20) from the University of Minho (UMinho).

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