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Teaching and non-teaching staff​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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 Teaching and non-teaching staff​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


​Staff Mobility is one of the activities planned under the Program Erasmus+ and aims to enable staff to perform teaching/training periods at partner universities.
The assignments should have a minimum of two days for teachers, which ought to ensure a teaching period of at least eight hours, and five days for non-teaching staff. These tasks may combine other activities, including monitoring Erasmus students, develop new collaborative projects or even collaborate in research activities.
What are the procedures before the mobility?
  • Contact the International Relations Office (SRI) in order to verify if there is an agreement with the respective University and if it is planned to host teaching/training mobility.
  • Send the Mobility Agreement dully filled in and signed by the employee (whenever possible digitally) and by the representative of the host institution to the SRI (,, along with a copy of the Citizen Card, at least one month prior to the mobility. The mobility proposals must be sent with an authorization statement issued by the President of the UOEI or by the Director of the Service;
  • Indication of an Emergency Contact (name, kinship/affinity, phone and e-mail).
  • Indication of the mecanographic number.
  • Sign the Erasmus+ Grant Agreement. This contract will be drawn up by SRI after receiving the Mobility Agreement and should be sign before departure.
  • N.B. The assignment will only be official, as well as the value of the scholarship communicated, after the presentation of a Mobility Agreement.
What are the procedures after the mobility?
Participants should send to the SRI (, within 15 days after the end of the visit:
  • A statement/confirmation of the teaching/training activity by the host university;
  • Proof of travel (plane ticket, boarding cards, train tickets, bus, toll receipts and other relevant supporting documents).
  • An online report needs to be submitted directly upon return. Participants will receive an automatic email with the link to the online report form in the "EU Survey" database.
The Community financial support will only cover a percentage of all visit proposals and shall be limited to cover part of the costs associated with carrying out a teaching/training assignment abroad.
The grant support has as a reference the amounts defined annually by the Erasmus+ National Agency and it varies depending on the country of destination and length of stay, essentially covering the costs of the trip and part of subsistence.
Please check the Grant Support for the Mobility of Staff here​​​.
Is it only possible to perform a mobility for teaching and non-teaching staff under the interinstitutional agreements?
No, UMinho coordinates projects (International Credit Mobility) and is partner in other schemes (Erasmus Mundus) that include the possibility of staff mobility. However, given the particularities of these mobilities, the rules are disseminated through other channels.

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