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The President of the Republic honors the University with the Order of Public Instruction

Cerimónia decorreu no Palácio de Belém (fotografia: Presidência da República)
UMinho recebeu as insígnias de Ordem de Ordem de Instrução Pública
Reconhecimento decorreu no Paláio de Belém
Presidente do Conselho Geral, Reitor, presidentes de Unidades Orgânicas, Administradores e presidente da AAUMinho estiveram presentes
Tuesday, 4/23/2024
Palácio de Belém, Lisboa
Cerimónia decorreu no Palácio de Belém (fotografia: Presidência da República)
Yesterday, the 22nd April, the President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa awarded the University of Minho as Honorary Member of the Order of Public Instruction with the Rector Rui Vieira de Castro receiving the insignia on behalf of the institution.

The Rector of UMinho said that “this distinction makes the university an Honorary Member of this dignifying order, at a particularly important moment in the university's history, marked by the celebrations of its 50th anniversary”. Rui Vieira de Castro believes that “this distinction should inspire us to continue developing our mission and our commitment with education over the next 50 years”.

In addition to the Rector, UMinho was represented by Joana Marques Vidal, president of the General Council, as well as by members of the rectoral team and the presidents of the institution's Organic Units.

The Order of Public Instruction is intended to award “high services rendered to the cause of education and teaching” and is a Portuguese honorary order that originated in April 1927 with the creation of the Order of Instruction and Benevolence but which was later split into the current Order of Public Instruction in 1929.

This distinction thus honors the work carried out by our University over its 50 years of existence, and therefore extends to all the Academic Communication that gave and gives life to the institution: students, professors, researchers and administrative and management staff.

Congratulations, University of Minho!

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