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Privacy Policy of the App UMinho

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 Privacy Policy of the App UMinho

Scope of the Data Processing: Personal Data processing while using the App UMinho.

Description: The app provides its users with access to information and services related to their relationship with University of Minho (UMinho), being an alternative to Web or In Person access, for the implemented features.
The personal data processed while using the app, are the same as those processed in the Web or In Person context for the same purpose, so its processing has the same legitimacy and obeys the same criteria and rules.
The app runs a notification service, from UMinho to users, to send information and alerts. The user may disable and enable this feature, at its will, in the app settings.
The app does not collect information about how the user uses the app, about its location, does not capture sound or image.
The app integrates a payment functionality that is handled directly by the service provider, therefore unrelated to UMinho and outside the scope of this information.
If an app error (crash) occurs, a technical report will be sent to UMinho so that the error can be addressed.
This information is important for the development of the app, nevertheless, the user can choose to disable it in the app settings.

Data Controller: University of Minho,, +351 253 601 100

Recipients of the personal data: University of Minho and its data processors.

Purposes of the processing: Deliver the information or service requested by the user. The specific purpose of each feature of the app will be made explicit in its designation and in the accompanying information.

Categories of personal data: Those explicitly requested or presented to the user; “Device ID” (required for the notification service)

Categories of data sent to UMinho in case of an app error (crash): app version, type and version of the mobile phone's operating system, and information about the error generated by the device.

Rights of the Data Subject: Right of access, right to rectification and the right to data portability. The right to erasure only applies after the data retention period. The right to restriction of processing, in the situations referred to in article 18 of the General Data Processing Regulation.

Data Protection Officer Contacts

  • Universidade do
  • Largo do Paço
    4704-553 Braga
  • T.:253 601 100, 253 601 109
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