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Engineering and Quality Management (Master) 2021/2022



Academic degree:
  • Master's degree
4 curricular semesters
Azurém Campus, Guimarães (UM)
Main Scientific area:
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering


    School of Engineering
    Campus de Azurém
    4800-058 Guimarães

    Tel: +351 253510179 / 253510160 Fax: +351 253510178


The Master's course in Engineering and Quality Management seeks to reflect the most recent developments in the field of Quality, a domain of great importance for various sectors of activity, specifically addressed in traditional University training. More specifically, the Master has the following objectives:
- to provide Master's students with a solid and comprehensive training in Engineering and Quality Management;
- deepen and update the technical skills of its masters in engineering and management techniques applied to processes (planning, control and improvement of the quality of processes) and to products (project and improvement of goods and services);
- promote the training of specialized staff in Engineering and Quality Management;
- Contribute to improving the quality of processes and products and the integration of Quality management into organizational management;
- stimulate research on Engineering and Quality Management themes;
- transfer knowledge from academia to the business fabric on issues of recognized importance for the dynamics of processes and organizational improvement.

Key learning outcomes

Over the course of the course, students should acquire knowledge and develop adequate skills to:
1. Apply tools and methodologies to plan, control and improve the quality of processes, products and services;
2. Design, implement and streamline Quality Management programs and systems;
3. Schedule and carry out internal quality audits;
4. Identify and solve quality problems;
5. Consider human and social factors in the quality management of an organization;
6. Planning Quality in the design of new products and services.

Access to higher education

This Master's course offers advanced training that allows access to doctoral programs and, in this way, a research career in the fields of Quality or related áreas.


The Master's course in Engineering and Quality Management has wide and diversified professional opportunities, in organizations from different sectors and branches of economic activity, namely industry or services, SMEs or large companies.
Graduates of the course are exercising their professional activity in technological support institutes or associations, national and international private companies, among which industries in the automobile sector and health services stand out.






Access forms

The access to this Cycle of Study can be done at the Students Portal of the University of Minho

This information does not replace consultation of the Academic Regulations of the University of Minho and other official documents.

Entry requirements

The following may apply for access to the study cycle leading to the master's degree:
a) Holders of a degree or legal equivalent;
b) Holders of a foreign higher education degree awarded following a first cycle of studies organized in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Process by a State adhering to this Process;
c) Holders of a foreign higher education degree that is recognized as meeting the objectives of the degree by the statutory competent scientific body of the higher education establishment where they intend to be admitted. 

Recommended requirements

Knowledge of Portuguese and English, written and spoken.

Aditional Information

Study Plan


A3ES Accreditation status:
Resolution publication date:
Registry number at Ministry:
R/A-Cr 69/2013/AL01
Registry Date:
Accreditation validity:

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