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Teaching and non-teaching staff​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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 Teaching and non-teaching staff​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Mobility of teaching and non-teaching staff is one of the core activities in the inter-university cooperation, which aims at promoting the European dimension and quality in higher education, especially among non-mobile students. By receiving teaching and non-teaching staff, within this framework, students have the opportunity to benefit from new knowledge and skills.
This type of mobility must happen within the interinstitutional agreements established between UMinho and partner European universities under the Erasmus program.
Where should Incoming Staff send their applications to?
The application can be sent directly to the International Relations Office (SRI), which will send it for the analysis of the School/Institute Presidency or the Head of the Service who will receive the teacher/staff, or directly to the contact person in School/Institute/Services.
What are the minimum requirements to accept an Incoming Staff?
According to the Erasmus + Program, the assignments should have a minimum of two days for teachers, which should ensure a teaching period of at least eight hours, and five days for non-teaching staff.
What documents are needed to formalize the visit of an Incoming Staff?
The formalization of the visit is made by sending the Mobility Agreement, which must be signed by the employee, the home institution and UMinho.
Some staff request an invitation letter, which is not mandatory, but it can be issued directly by the School/Institute/Service.
Who is responsible for signing Incoming Staff documents?
Ideally, the documents must be signed by the International Relations Office as a way to keep track of staff visiting UMinho.
Should it not be possible to have documents signed at central level, the School/Institute/Service must submit a scanned copy of the signed documents to SRI.
Can UMinho only host teaching and non-teaching staff under Interinstitutional Agreements?
No, UMinho coordinates projects (International Credit Mobility) and is partner in other schemes (Erasmus Mundus) that include the possibility of staff mobility. However, given the particularities of these mobilities, the rules are disseminated through other channels.

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