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Gualtar Campus

The Gualtar Campus is The University of Minho's largest campus. The Schools of Sciences, Health Sciences, Law, Psychology, and Nursing can be found there, as well as the Institutes of Human and Social Sciences, Education, Arts and Human Sciences, and part of the School of Engineering.

This campus also includes a set of services such as a general library, several specialised libraries, a canteen, a university restaurant, a grill, seven bars, a medical station, a sports complex and two copy centres.

Azurém Campus

The Azurém Campus is located in Guimarães, next to the city's historical centre. The School of Engineering is located on this campus, as well as most of its courses. The School of Architecture and some of the School of Sciences and of the Institute of Social Sciences can also be found there.

The Azurém Campus also includes a set of services such as a general library, several specialised libraries, a canteen, a grill, three bars, a medical station, a sports complex and a copy centre.

Couros Campus

Couros is the area south of the historic centre of Guimarães. In 1996 the Town Council of Guimarães initiated the rehabilitation of this industrial centre, and in 2001 the Multifunctional Complex of Couros was born. Within this context, and in order to strengthen UMinho's integration in the city, the Town Council of Guimarães and the University developed the Campurbis project (2006 - 2012). The intervention and rehabilitation of the former factories led to the creation of a new university space - the Couros campus - which, given its location on the city outskirts, emphasises the concepts of 'virtual campus' and 'university without walls', which are ingrained in UMinho's mission and strategy.

This campus already has the Centre for Advanced Post-graduate Training to welcome students of master's and doctoral degrees as well as a degree in Theater; the Operating unit of UNU on e-gov and the Institute of Design, which has a degree in Product Design and where other specialised courses in this area will operate progressively:. The new Living Science Centre of Guimarães is nearing completion. The former Jordão Theatre and the Garagem Avenida building are being renovated, in order to host university projects in the fields of performing and visual arts. This is the creativity campus, open to interaction with UM​inho and society.

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