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The Internal Quality Assurance System (SIGAQ-UM) aims to promote the quality policy in all aspects of the institutional mission, covering, in a systematic way, all the activities undertaken by the University. It is characterized by a double dimension of support for strategic planning and continuous promotion of quality and accountability to the community.

The SIGAQ-UM, as an organizational achievement of institutional policy and strategy for the quality of UMinho:
(1) has programmatic objectives explicitly defined in formally institutionalized strategic documents;
(2) incorporates structures and levels of responsibility for coordination, articulation and operationalisation;
(3) operationalises instruments and mechanisms for attending internal and external stakeholders and monitoring practices in the various aspects of UMinho's activities;
(4) enhance the production of performance indicators and reflection leading to the continuous improvement of the Institution;
(5) adopts academic ethics guidelines.

The coordination, articulation and support structures of SIGAQ-UM are:
(1) the Vice Rector with the Quality department;
(2) the Monitoring Committee (CA-SIGAQ) of SIGAQ-UM with articulation functions with the Organic Units, Service Units and Cultural Units regarding the operationalisation of the institutional policy for quality;
(3) the Service Unit of Quality Management and Accreditation (USGAQ) responsible for supporting the implementation and continuous improvement of SIGAQ-UM;
(4) the UMinho information system which includes a set of IT modules that support the instruments and mechanisms provided for in SIGAQ-UM.

The information produced by the SIGAQ-UM is made available to the bodies and actors involved, which allows, in particular, to measure as a whole the degree of compliance of the actions taken and the results obtained with the objectives and goals that were set in the activity plans of UMinho, as well the Organic, Service and Cultural Units.


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