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The Quality Assurance Internal System's (SIGAQ-UM) aim is to promote the quality policy in all the aspects of the institutional mission, encompassing systematically all the activities undertaken by the University.

The SIGAQ-UM attempts to address the challenges brought by the European standards and guidelines for quality assurance ​within higher education institutions. For that, the SIGAQ-UM includes an integrated and holistic approach to quality and quality assurance in the University, namely on what concerns the explicit definition of internal patterns for quality, and the organisation of procedures and instruments for quality assurance, structured as a well-documented system, applied in a consistent fashion.

As such, the SIGAQ-UM promotes the definition and documentation of the structuring elements for the implementation of the quality policy, namely:

  • The institutional strategy and the quality standards;
  • The responsibilities of the different bodies and levels of management in the quality assurance processes;
  • The monitoring, control, thought and intervention processes, with the objective of continuous improvement;
  • The forms of participation of students, teaching, research and non-teaching staff, as well as external partners;
  • The organisation and continuous improvement of the system, as well as the form of monitoring and the revision of the quality policy.
Flyer SIGAQ-UM - Summary of the instruments and mechanisms of the SIGAQ-UM

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