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Mission ​

“The University’s mission is to create, spread and put knowledge into application, with free thinking and pluralism as its core values. Our goals are to promote higher education and to contribute to shape a model of society based on humanistic principles, in which knowledge, creativity and innovation contribute towards growth, sustainable development, well-being and solidarity”.  


Goals ​

The fulfillment of the mission referred to in the preceding paragraph is undertaken in an international reference framework, where scientific research plays a leading role in close articulation with teaching, by pursuing the following goals:


a) achieve the highest level of education, in our ethical, cultural, artistic, scientific, technical and professional dimensions by providing a diversified range of educational options in a proper educational environment. We also aim to enhance the activity of our teaching staff, researchers, non-teaching and non-research staff, in addition to personal, social, intellectual and professional development of our students, thus contributing to lifelong learning, and active and responsible citizens.


b) to do research and to participate in scientific institutions, and events, for the sake of the permanent quest for excellence as well as creativity as a source of innovative and unique solutions and also to seek responses to the major challenges faced by society;


c) to transfer, exchange and enhance scientific and technological knowledge through the development of suitable solutions, community service projects and continuous training and development support on the basis of reciprocal enhancement and the promotion of entrepreneurship;


d) to promote the development of activities in order to provide access to and enjoyment of culture by all people and groups, whether internal or external to the University;


e) to promote the cultural, scientific and technical exchange of students, teaching staff, researchers, non-teaching and non-research staff as well as national and international institutions and organisms. These exchanges are conducive to educational and research partnership-based programmes and contribute to international cooperation by placing a special emphasis on European countries besides Portuguese-speaking countries which is beneficial to a multilingual environment at the University;


f) to interact with society by fostering people's understanding of culture along with the analysis of solutions to address the main problems of everyday life. We also aim to set up partnerships in furtherance of social and economic development in international, national and regional contexts;


g) to contribute to the social and economic development of Minho which includes the development of knowledge,​ and the protection and spread of its natural and cultural heritage;


h) to promote the University’s institutional sustainability and competitiveness in a global context.​