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The central mission of Doctoral College UMinho is to contribute to the excellence and national and international recognition of the doctoral education offered by the University of Minho (UMinho).
The Doctoral College presents itself as a meeting and dialogue space between doctoral students, professors and researchers, in order to promote the quality of education provided to 3rd cycle students.
The College´s primary target are UMinho PhD students!
So, we count on everyone's contributions, through suggestions sent directly to the College (College's email), via suggestions shared the with students´ representatives who are part of the College's bodies, or by way of integrating the College's working groups or promoting initiatives in which the College can give a contribute.
The Doctoral College seeks to foster collaboration and sharing of good practices between doctoral programmes within the scope of University of Minho and with other national and international programmes. It also assumes the purpose of seeking to centralize all information relevant for potential candidates, doctoral students and supervisors.
The College was initially announced on October 23, 2019, starting its activity in January 2020. In these early days,  the College´s activity has been focused on promoting a better internal knowledge of PhD programmes and other initiatives related to teaching & learning at PhD level.

Thus, six working groups were set up
GT1 - Doctoral College Website
GT2 - Transversal training initiatives of interest to doctoral students and supervisors [Training in transferable skills]
GT3 - Good practice in doctoral education
GT4 - Well-being and quality of life
GT5 - Employability and Career development
GT6 - Welcome of new PhD students


"Under the terms of its Regulations, Doctoral College UMinho aims at:
a) Promoting the sharing of experiences and good practices among doctoral programs;
b) Organising complementary educational plans, aimed at reinforcing the personal, social and professional skills of doctoral students;
c) Organising educational plans aimed at strengthening the guiding competences of supervisors and the pedagogical management of programmes;
d) Proposing minimum standards for doctoral education;
e) Fostering strategies for attracting and recruiting the best students, at national and international levels;
f) Promoting the welcoming and accompanying of students, in particular foreign students;
g) Fostering actions that promote integrity and academic ethics in doctoral education;
h) Promoting initiatives aimed at facilitating the mobility of doctoral students, encouraging their contact with research centres of excellence and with innovative institutions and companies;
i) Promoting initiatives aimed at sharing the knowledge produced by doctoral students with peers, society and the work world;
j) Promoting initiatives aimed at the integration of doctorates in the work world;
k) Proposing measures that facilitate access to and use of the University Support Services by 3rd cycle students;
l) Promoting initiatives to finance doctoral education.

 [article 2nd of the Regulations of Doctoral College UMinho, published in the Official Journal, 2nd series, n. º 153/2019, of August 12]

Governing and Advisory Bodies

The governing bodies of Doctoral College UMinho are the Director and the Coordinating Committee.
The advisory body is the External Advisory Committee.
The Doctoral College is supervised by a Vice-Rector, designated by the Rector.

[article 2nd of the Regulations of Doctoral College UMinho, published in the Official Journal, 2nd series, n. º 153/2019, of August 12]


António Augusto Martins Oliveira Soares Vicente, Vice-President of the School of Engineering

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is chaired by the Director of the Doctoral College and includes a professor and/or researcher, and a doctoral student, for each of the Organic Units of the University with doctoral education.

School of Architecture, Art and Design
João Ricardo Rosmaninho Duarte Silva (professor/researcher)
Diana Gouveia Amaral (student)

School of Sciences
Ana Jacinta Pereira Costa Soares (professor/researcher)
Cecília Eduarda Coelho Machado da Cruz Martins (student)

School of Law
Francisco António Carneiro Pacheco Andrade (professor/researcher)
Diogo José Morgado Rebelo (student)

School of Economy and Management
Delfina Rosa Rocha Gomes (professor/researcher)
Bruno Miguel Teixeira Bento Pires (student)

School of Engineering
Joana Cecília Valente Rodrigues Azeredo (professor/researcher)
Mariana Isabel dos Santos Rodrigues da Silva (student) 

School of Arts and Humanities
Ana Gabriela Vilela Pereira Macedo (professor/researcher)
Sara Joana Soares da Silva Machado (student) 

School of Medicine
Armando Alberto Nova Pinto Almeida (professor/researcher)
Gisela Cristina Vieira Armada (student)

School of Psychology
Ângela Rosa Pinho Costa Maia (professor/researcher)
Ana Sofia Sousa Ferraz (student)

Institute of Social Sciences
Maria José Boavida Miguel Caldeira (professor/researcher)
Carla Alexandra Araújo Freitas (student)

Institute of Education
Fernando José Fraga Azevedo (professor/researcher)
Natália Maria Pinto Rodrigues (student) 

Research Institute on Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics (I3Bs)
Nuno João Meleiro Alves Neves (professor/researcher)
Rita Isabel Rocha Quinteira (student) 

External Advisory Committee

The External Advisory Committee is chaired by the Director of the Doctoral College and includes up to five members, proposed by the Coordinating Committee, from among national or foreign personalities with recognised merit in their scientific or professional activity.

Maria Cecília de Lemos Pinto Estrela Leão, Emeritus Professor of the School of Medicine of UMinho, Portugal
Christopher Platt, Chair of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art, United Kingdom
John Morrissey, Senior Lecturer, University of Cork, Ireland
José Gonçalves Teixeira, President of the Management Board of DST Group, Portugal
Robert Adam Harris, Academic Vice-President of Doctoral Education, Karolinska Institute, Sweden



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