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Multidisciplinary groups

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 Multidisciplinary Groups


During 2015, the University of Minho began creating Multidisciplinary Groups, composed of lecturers and researchers from several fields of knowledge. These groups aim to create larger synergies and to create, with this wide collaboration, not just research projects featuring the contribution of integrated areas that come together, but also protocols and diverse collaborations that benefit from the work performed by these groups. Furthermore, it is expected that these multidisciplinary groups will lead to a virtual, multi-centre, collaboration structure within UMinho, under the scope defined throughout the work developed by each group.

So far, the Multidisciplinary Groups created are:
  1. Interdisciplinary Platform for Cities;
    (currently assumed by UM-Cities​)
  2. Science and Technology of the Sea | Enhancement of Marine and Aquatic Resources;
  3. Large Spectre, Future and Emergent Technologies; Nanotechnologies and Biotechnologies;
  4. Societal Challenges, Education, Social Inclusion and Employment.
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