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Pedagogical Innovation

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 Pedagogical Innovation


The Centre IDEA-UMinho was designed to promote and value Innovation and the Development of Teaching and Learning at the University of Minho. The Center is formed by teachers from the University of Minho and is coordinated by the Pro-Rectorate for Student Affairs and Pedagogical Innovation.

The Centre develops its activity in articulation with the Pedagogical Council of the Schools, the Learning Support Office and Students Associations, offering regular training, promoting project contests and disseminating quality practices in various contexts of teaching and learning. Additionally, it participates in (inter)national forums and projects so as to showcase good practices developed at the University of Minho and bring in current teaching approaches and resources.​

What are the aims of the Centre IDEA-UMinho

Stimulate the improvement of teaching and learning.
·         Support teachers' professional development.
·         Foster teaching practices based on innovation.
·         Promote and disseminate innovative practices.
·         Promote, support and design teaching & learning projects in various contexts across campus.
·         Participate in (multi)disciplinary partnerships and networks focused on teaching activities.

More information on Centre IDEA-UMinho

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