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Recognition of foreign qualifications

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 Recognition of foreign degrees and diplomas

The new procedures regarding recognition of foreign qualifications are defined in Decree-Law no. 66/2018 of August 16, in force since January 1, 2019.
The implementation of some legal provisions of this Decree-Law are already in the Ordinance that regulates the aspects of procedural procedure - Ordinance No. 33/2019, of January 25.

How to place an order?

  1. The application for recognition is submitted on the national platform RecON, through its own form available at the Directorate General of Higher Education (DGES), attaching the documents requested in digital format.
  2. The application will be subject to payment of fees .
  3. After payment, the application will be analyzed and processed in UMinho, until the final decision, communicated to the Applicant.

For more information you can consult the web page of the DGES.