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Rectoral Order 25/2020

In light of:

  • the content of the interactions carried out in the last few days between the University of Minho and the authorities of health and civil protection;
  • the worsening of the health situation in the northern region of the country in recent hours;
  • the need to mitigate the scenario of great instability that affects the life of the University;
  • the need for the University to take a stand that may actively contribute to the prevention and control of the COVID-19;
  • the recommendations of the Committee for the Development and Management of the COVID-19 Internal Contingency Plan;

1. The suspension of face-to-face teaching activities throughout the University of Minho is hereby determined.

2. The following provisions settled in orders RT-23/2020, of 7th March, and RT-24/2020, of 8th March, shall remain in force:

a) Travelling on official mission is not authorised;

b) Previously authorised travels on official missions are suspended;

c) Buildings 1, 2, 3 and 15 of the campus of Gualtar remain closed;

d) The voluntary submission of students, professors, researchers and technical, administrative and management workers from countries with confirmed cases of Covid-19 to a 14-day quarantine period after their arrival in the country is recommended.

3. Additionally, it is hereby determined, for the entire University:

a) The closure of library services and food/nutritional units;

b) The suspension of sporting events and activities;

c) The suspension of meetings of panels of selection and juries of academic examinations (master's, doctorate, aggregation and title of specialist), as well as the holding of conferences, seminars, ceremonies and events of a similar nature;

d) The closure of all areas of face-to-face service or assistance to users in the organic units, service units, cultural units and Social Services;
e) The suspension of the outgoing and incoming mobility of students, professors, researchers and technical, administrative and management workers.

4. In order to protect the well-being of professors, researchers and technical, administrative and management workers, teleworking will be privileged, whenever possible and adequate. The heads of the organic units, service units and cultural units, as well as of the Social Services, shall be responsible for defining the workflow and how it is organised.

5. The control and validation of attendance in the period of suspension of the biometric reading terminals shall be carried out by the direct superior.

6. Students who are staying at the University's residences and who are able to temporarily return to their homes should do so, while minimising interpersonal contacts and abiding by the recommendations of the General Directorate of Health.

7. Students who are staying at the Carlos Lloyd Braga Residence and at the Santa Tecla Residence (Block B and Block D) must remain under prophylactic quarantine, while being provided with all the conditions necessary for their permanence at such residences (namely food, health care, hygiene, etc.)

All members of the university community are urged to take a calm and responsible stand, thus helping the University to deal with the crisis it faces in an optimum manner.

The academic community's reaction to the adverse situation we are experiencing today is revealing of a high level of maturity at the University and reinforces its role as a reference institution.

This Order shall be reviewed based on every assessment that, at each moment, is made of the adequacy of the measures now adopted to the purpose of prevention and control of the COVID-19.

Orders RT-22/2020, of 6th March, RT-23/2020, of 7th March, and RT-24/2020, of 8th March are hereby revoked.

This order takes immediate effect.

The Rector of the University of Minho

Rui Manuel Costa Vieira de Castro

Rectoral Order 24/2020

Press Release 01/2020

Being confirmed, by the health authorities, a case of COVID-19 in the university community that develops its activity on the Gualtar campus;
Bearing in mind the need for the University to take a position that actively contributes towards the prevention and control of COVID-19;
Considering the provisions set forth in Rectoral Order RT-23/2020, the Commission for the Preparation and Management of the COVID-19 Internal Contingency Plan hereby informs that the following measures should be implemented on the Gualtar Campus, namely:

  • To close all areas designed for in-person, face-to-face service;
  • To restrict the use of both Santa Tecla and Carlos Lloyd Braga Halls of Residence;
  • To close buildings 1, 2, 3 located on the Gualtar Campus (CP1, CP2 and CP3);
  • To adopt the protocols required by the Local Health Authority during the cleaning and disinfection procedures of those facilities to be closed down.

The ban on missions shall cover the entire academic community of the University of Minho and includes each and any mission to attend conferences, seminars, ceremonies, examination panels and contests/competitions.
Cash payments should be avoided at the University of Minho.
Braga, March 8, 2020
The President of the Commission,

Paulo Jorge de Sousa Cruz

Rectoral Order 23/2020


Internal Contingency Plan

Within the context of the epidemic caused by the new Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), whose disease is called COVID-19, a Commission for the Preparation and Management of the COVID-19 Internal Contingency Plan has been activated at the University of Minho ​(Order RT_21/2020).

The following are members of such Commission:

  • Paulo Jorge de Sousa Cruz, PhD, Pro-Rector for the Quality of Life in Campuses and Infrastructures, who chairs;
  • Carlos Alberto Silva Menezes, PhD, Administrator of the University of Minho;
  • António Maria Vieira Paisana, PhD, Administrator of the Social Services at the University of Minho;
  • Rui Jorge Machado Oliveira, President of the Academic Association of the University of Minho;
  • Alexandre Manuel Câmara Carvalho, MD, Visiting Professor Equated to Assistant Professor at the School of Medicine of the University of Minho.​


Contingency plan and action for the prevention of the transmission of human infection by coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19) at the University of Minho

Considering the current state of Public Health emergency, declared by the World Health Organization, and taking into account the most recent developments in the spread of infection by respiratory disease caused by the Coronavirus agent (SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19), while having as reference line the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the University of Minho prepared an Internal Contingency Plan for the SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

This document is in line with SNS's (National Health Service) guidelines regarding human infection by Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19) and defines the response and action levels of the University of Minho to minimise the risks of transmission of such pathogen.

This plan and the internal measures for the prevention and control of the disease apply to all members of the academic community and to those who, for professional reasons or otherwise, visit the premises of the University of Minho.​

​Guidelines and Information

Considering the developments in the spread of the COVID-19, it is recommended that the entire academic community of the University of Minho abide by the following guidelines:​

  • Travelling should be cancelled or postponed, especially to regions where active transmission of the COVID-19 within the community is reported, with priority being given to the use of means for teleworking. The list of countries with reports of active transmission of the new coronavirus is updated daily on  the DGS website ;
  • Scientific meetings or other meetings which, due to the engagement of international stakeholders or high affluence of participants, may constitute a risk of transmission outbreaks and should, therefore, be avoided. In particular, it is recommended to postpone any international conferences scheduled for the University of Minho and to cancel the participation of members of the University's community in similar events;
  • Members of the University's community who are returning from trips to affected places should, according to information 005/2020 of the General Directorate of Health , adopt the following procedures:
    • Be aware of any signs of fever, cough or shortness of breath;
    • Check whether any of those with whom you have a close relationship has developed the aforementioned symptoms (fever, cough or shortness of breath);
    • Should any of the symptoms mentioned be detected (in the person themselves or in their family), do not rush immediately to the health care services, but, instead, call the Saúde 24 hotline (Health 24 - 808 24 24 24) and follow the instructions given and report to your Direct Superior, as provided for in the contingency plan.
    • Within a period of 14 days after your arrival, promote a responsible social isolation, namely, by not lingering in overcrowded spaces and closed venues.


All members of the University's community must, also, follow the following recommendations emanated from the DGS:

  • Washing your hands frequently with soap and water, while rubbing them well for at least 20 seconds, especially before and after preparing food, before meals, after using the restroom and whenever your hands are deemed soiled or contaminated;
  • Alternatively, use an alcohol-based solution for hand hygiene;
  • Use disposable tissues for nasal hygiene;
  • Place used tissues in a waste bin, washing your hands immediately after;
  • Cough or sneeze against the arm with the elbow flexed, not onto your hands;
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with hands that may be soiled or contaminated with respiratory secretions;
  • In case of occurrence of symptoms, which may constitute a suspicious case according to DGS's guidance, that is:
    • Acute respiratory symptoms (fever or cough or shortness of breath)


    • You have travelled to areas with active community transmission within 14 days prior to the onset of such symptoms


    • You have come into contact with a confirmed or potential case of infection by the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19, within 14 days prior to the onset of such symptoms​

You should abstain from visits to the University of Minho, while informing your direct superior, and contact the Saúde 24 hotline, or, should you already be on any of the campuses, follow the recommendations in the contingency plan.​

Any new instructions applicable to the Public Administration, in general, or to Public Higher Education Institutions and to the University of Minho, in particular, shall be immediately communicated to the academic community.

Follow the developments of the infection by referring to the official page made available by the Directorate-General of Health (DGS) .

Guideline no. 006/2020 of 26/02/2020 - infection by SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Prevention, control and surveillance procedures in companies.

Information no. 006/2020 of 28/02/2020 - COVID-19: Recommendations for public events and mass events.

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World Health Organization video explaining how the virus emerged, how it spreads and the respective protective measures COVID-19 Video presenting general protection measures for citizens Recommendation of individual and collective protection measures for the prevention of infection by COVID-19


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