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 Detalhe do evento


"The 3D Printing Revolution", por Aric Rindfleisch

Aric Rindfleisch
sexta-feira, 08/04/2016
Auditório B1, CP II, campus de Gualtar, Braga
Palestra "The 3D Printing Revolution", por Aric Rindfleisch
a 8 de abril, às 10h30, no anfiteatro B1 (Complexo Pedagógico II) do campus de Gualtar, em Braga. Entrada livre, mediante inscrição prévia até 4 de abril para o email sec@ecum.uminho.pt. Iniciativa da Escola de Ciências da UMinho, com o apoio da Embaixada dos EUA em Portugal.

Resumo (em inglês)

In this presentation, I propose that 3D Printing will revolutionize the way in which physical products are made, sold, and consumed in much the same way that the Internet revolutionized digital products like music, text, and video. The presentation begins with an overview of 3D Printing and its current applications. I will then explain its revolutionary potential, offer a typology of different types of 3D printed objects. I conclude the presentation by providing an overview of the Illinois MakerLab, the world's first 3D Printing lab in a business school and offering thoughts about the future of this revolutionary new technology http://makerlab.illinois.edu/ .

Nota biográfica (em inglês)

Aric Rindfleisch is an expert on 3D printing who can speak out the origins of this technology and how to effectively use it as a tool for small business development. He is the executive director of the Illinois MakerLab, the world’s first and only maker lab located in a business school. He heads the Department of Business Administration and serves as the John M. Jones Professor of Marketing at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Rindfleisch is the instructor of a very popular Coursera course which currently has 33,000 actively involved students from 190 countries, and more than 1,000 completed the course within the first six weeks of its existence. He has also served as a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Arizona, Tilburg University, and Korea University and worked for J. Walter Thompson-Japan, Millward Brown, and the US Army. Professor Rindfleisch is an award-winning scholar and serves as an editor and review board member for several leading marketing journals. He has also won several teaching awards, including being recently named by Princeton Review as one of “The Best 300 Professors” in America.
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