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Translation and Multilingual Communication (Master's) 2014/2015



Academic degree:
  • Master's degree
2 curricular years
Gualtar Campus, Braga
Main Scientific area:
  • Translation Studies


    Institute of Arts and Human Sciences
    Campus de Gualtar
    4710 - 057 Braga

    Tel: 253604170 Fax: 253676387

Access to higher education

This Master degree provides basic training to carry out a course of 3rd cycle (PhD) in the same scientific area, or other areas






Access forms

The access to this Cycle of Study can be done at the Students Portal of the University of Minho  

This information does not replace consultation of Regulation Cycle Studies Conducive to Obtaining a Master Degree from the University of Minho and other documents.

Recommended requirements

Not applicable.

Application deadlines

Phase 1
From May 20 to June 11, 2014
Phase 2
From August 25 to September 08, 2014
Phase 3
From September 29 to October 02, 2014

Registration deadlines

- Students placed on applications made in May/June - From July, 24 to July, 31 2014
- Students placed on applications made in August/September - From September, 25 to October, 03 2014
- Students placed on applications made in September/October - From October, 15 to October 17, 2014
- Registration for the 2nd year - From September, 16 to September 26, 2014

Aditional Information

Study Plan

Regime Curricular Unit Scientific Area ECTS
Year 1 60
S1 Advanced Tools For Translation I 5
S1 Metodologias e Práticas de Tradução e Comunicação I ETra 7.5
S1 Metodologias e Práticas de Tradução e Comunicação II ETra 7.5
S1 Research Methods and Writing Skills LA 5
S1 Opção I 5
Community Interpretation I IT 5
S2 Contemporary Translation Theories ETra 5
S2 Terminology LA 5
S2 Tradução Especializada em Ciências e Tecnologia ETra 7.5
S2 Tradução Especializada em Humanidades ETra 7.5
S2 Translation - Theories and Methods I 5
Year 2 60
A Dissertação/Estágio ETra;IT;LA;TCl 40
S1 Gestão de Projetos e Revisão de Qualidade ETra 7.5
S1 Supervision Seminar MIn 7.5
S1 Opção II 5
Art History TCl 5


A3ES Accreditation status:
Accredited preliminarily
Resolution publication date:
Registry number at Ministry:
Registry Date:
Accreditation validity: