What is the Erasmus + Programme?

The Erasmus + Programme is a community-action program for lifelong learning, offering students the possibility to study/work in another European university/company, obtaining academic recognition (as a part of the home university's study plan), or without academic recognition (in cases of extracurricular placements or placements for recent graduates). 

The Erasmus + Programme mobility can happen within the following frameworks: 
  • Erasmus Study Period – a period of studies in another European partner university;
  • Erasmus Placement – a placement in a corporate environment.

It is noteworthy that you can benefit from both frameworks in the same academic year, as long as there is at least one day of separation between them. These are, then, complementary opportunities for international mobility. 
We would like to point out that the SRI organise Dissemination Sessions during the application period. During these, you can ask all the questions you may have, concerning the mobility programmes.