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Prime-Minister present at R&D cooperation protocol ceremony between Bosch and UMinho

António Costa
Friday, 3/4/2016
Salão medieval da Reitoria, Largo do Paço, Braga
António Costa
The R&D partnership will include a €55 million investment and the hiring of 90 engineers and 170 UMinho grant students
The Prime-Minister António Costa was present during the launch of the R&D partnership between The University of Minho and Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, in Braga. The project, acknowledged by the Government to be of national strategic interest, will focus on developing new mobility solutions. An investment of € 55 million has been forecast, as well as the registration of 22 patents by 2018.

The Prime-Minister visited the Bosch facilities at 9.30 a.m.. At 10.45 a.m., the cooperation protocol was signed in UMinho's Rectorate medieval hall. The Rector, António M. Cunha, was present, as well as the Bosch managers, Carlos Ribas, Lutz Welling and Miguel Frnsquilho from AICEP.

The first stage of the R&D Bosch/UMinho partnership, between 2012 and 2015, had an investment of € 19 million, resulting in the registration of 12 patents. The second stage - “Innovative Car HMI" - will involve the hiring of 90 engineers from different fields and 170 grant students from different UMinho departments. In total, 550 highly qualified workers will work exclusively on this project.