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Nuno Peres is the most influential Portuguese scientist in the world

Nuno Peres
Thursday, 11/23/2017
Nuno Peres
Nuno Peres, a physicist at the University of Minho, is the Portuguese scientist with the most cited publications in the world. As such, his work has an influence in scientific research breakthroughs and in societal policies. This impact is confirmed by the list “2017 Highly Cited Researchers”, published by Clarivate Analytics, featuring only 3500 scientist around the world. Among these, there are at least nine Portuguese scientists.

In the past 20 years, Nuno Peres’s articles have been cited 21,684 times, each article cited on average 278 times. After Nuno Peres, Miguel Araújo (University of Évora) is listed with 20,558 citations; Mário Figueiredo (University of Lisbon) is featured with 8348 citations; Isabel Ferreira and Lilian Barros (Polytechnic Institute of Bragança) boast 8162 and 3914 citations, respectively; and finally, Delfim Torres (University of Aveiro) with 2756 citations. Also featured on the list are the Portuguese scientists Gonçalo Abecassis (University of Michigan, USA), Inês Barroso (Cambridge University and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK), and Cateano Reis e Sousa (Francis Crick Institute, UK).

The list is focused only on highly cited articles, representing 1% of everything published worlwide. It is compiled yearly by Clarivate Analytics, an organisation that acquired the Web of Science and Thomson Reuters databases. The presence of Portuguese researchers on international lists is highly relevant, as it constitutes a quality benchmark and a proof of the international impact Portuguese science has. It is one of the criteria featured in higher education institutions’ rankings. The worlwide recognition of Nuno Peres’s work confirms the UMinho’s successful strategy, specifically the university’s Department and Centre of Physics, which consists of reinforcing research and international visibility.

Nuno Peres is a full professor and the vice-president of the UMinho’s School of Sciences. He is the first Portuguese physicist to devote himself, since 2004, to graphene research. Graphene is the bidimensional carbon shape that has potential applications in electronics, photonics, in composite materials, sensors and life sciences. The 50-year-old scientist from Arganil (Coimbra) is the co-author of the most-cited revising article on graphene, published by the Reviews of Modern Physics.

He is the coordinator of the only existing Portuguese Graphene Flagship project, which is one of the largest ongoing European projects, with an investment of €500 million. He was awarded the Gulbenkian Ciência, Seeds of Science and UMinho Research Merit awards. He is a member of the Lisbon’s Academy of Sciences and of the Portuguese Physics Society. He was a visiting professor in Turku (Finland), Boston (USA), Dresden (Germany) and Singapore.

To find more details about the “Highly Cited Researchers 2017” list, visit (search word: “Portugal”)