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Award "Victor de Sá"

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 Award "Victor de Sá"

Dr. Victor de Sá (1921-2004) was a former Professor of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto. In an unprecendented gesture of extreme generosity, he donated a significant amount of documents to the University of Minho. These documents, of a historical, political and literary nature, were the result of his research and public intervention activity. They include unpublished memoirist texts, as well as the copyrights pertaining to his extensive bibliography. The documents are currently in the possession of the Public Library of Braga, where they are being processed, so that the work of Dr. Victor de Sá is continued and valued as scientific work.

The donation of the copyrights, as well as a vast sum of money, were for the purpose of creating a Contemporary History Award, to be given yearly by the University of Minho, through the Cultural Council. This award is decided upon special statutes. The main objective of this award, that has been named the Victor de Sá Contemporary History Award since 2006 by a Cultural Council deliberation, is to boost the production of academic work in the field of Portuguese Contemporary History (as of 1820). The award is aimed at young researchers under 35. The award, established in 1991, has since become the most prestigious award in the country for Contemporary History researchers.

The Victor de Sá Award has been acknowledged by the State Secretary of Culture as being of clear interest, thus making it eligible to be under the Law of Cultural Patronage. It is currently sponsored by several public and private institutions, and open to sponsorship from other patron instit​utions and organisations with an interest in promoting the study of Portuguese Contemporary History.