The University of Minho took part in a pilot-project for internal quality assurance system certification for higher education institutions, launched by the Higher Education Assessment and Accreditation Agency (A3ES).

The audit visit took place in October 2012. By decision of the Agency's Board of Administration, in January 8th 2013, the SIGAQ-UM was certified for a period of 6 years.

In its assessment, the External Assessment Committee considered that the "SIGAQ-UM has everything to contribute to the continuous improvement of quality activity at the University". On a scale of 1 to 4, the SIGAQ-UM was awarded a 4 (completely developed), on what concerns the definition and documentation of the institutional quality policy for the collection, analysis and internal dissemination of information, including the scope and relevance of the generated information. On the same scale, all remaining 11 analysed levels were awarded a 3 (substantially developed).

The SIGAQ-UM has a two-fold dimension of support for strategic planning and the continuous promotion of quality, and information and accounting to society, focusing on the different aspects of the University's institutional mission and other activities. Thus, the certification of SIGAQ-UM is a "quality seal of warranty" for the University of Minho.

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