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“Sustainability will continue to be considered as a strategic pillar of an institutional policy shaping the future and contributing to the university’s educational project.”​​

Rui Vieira de Castro
Rector University of Minho​​​

The sustainability policy adopted by UMinho is defined in the 2020 UMinho Strategic Plan. It contains the administration, management, operational management, educational activity, research activities, dissemination of its performance and its impact, which is based on a holistic vision. This vision is a fundamental element in assuring the quality of life levels on the campuses, between the Academic and the surrounding communities..

Educational Activity: increasing concern and responsibility in matters related to Sustainability challenges, give students profound knowledge and an interdisciplinary set of tools in their field of studies that allow them to put Sustainability into action, by causing new behaviour patterns, inside and outside the campuses which also influence the surrounding community.

Research activities: Physical and administrative structures allow the development of inter and multi-disciplinary teams in the fields of action at UMinho. These enable the search for and discovery of new solutions for global challenges which can be demonstrated in the campi, as often as is possible.

Administration, management and operation: put sustainability challenges into action in different activities, with a balanced use of available resources. This creates a natural environmental balance and increases comfort levels in the physical spaces which contribute to a new development paradigm.

Sustainable performance: UMinho’s performances in the Environmental, Social, Economic and Cultural dimensions are disseminated, on a regular basis, in accordance with best international practices. This communication should also be a tool for communicating strategy and the paths taken, and as an instrument for demonstrating and causing new behaviour patterns, as well as for promoting new partnerships with other institutions that share the same view as UMinho.



AUMEA (UM Agency for Energy and Environment)

Landscape Laboratory

IB-S (Institute of Science and Innovation for Bio-Sustainability)



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